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Finding The Best Game Console

The meaning of the word ‘gaming’ has changed drastically over a period of time. Today, gaming is not just about the entertainment in leisure. It has become a medium for competition between individuals. It can even earn a good amount of money or rewards, if you play it competitively. Gone are the days when gaming was just meant for children. Today, it has become a tool for relaxing after a hectic days' work for professionals.

Today, we come across many game consoles that have changed the whole concept of gaming. Some of them are mentioned below.


It is one of the most popular game consoles across the globe and most widely used too. This Microsoft game console allows players to play a variety of games over the internet. That means you can compete with not just the person next to you, but those who are miles away too. Xbox 360 replaced its older versions and has features to download arcade games apart from plenty of other stuff like movies and music. It has turned into an entertainment device rather than just meant for gaming.

Play station

Play station is among the most recognized video game consoles in the globe today. Sony rolled out this device as a brand competition with other game consoles in the market. Play station 1 & 2 have been replaced by the latest, play station 3 version of video game console. The main advantages of this device are compatibility with multimedia, online gaming, use of Blu-ray disk. There are plenty of games available online that can be downloaded free of cost.

Irrespective of age, the Play station has been used by players of all ages. The sleek design ensures better grip and occupies lesser space. The other advantage of this console is availability of online updates.


It is the modern day’s video game console that gained tremendous popularity over the past few years. Unlike other consoles, Wii uses a remote control type pointing device that enables the users to play games such as table tennis, lawn tennis, baseball, bowling etc. It gives the best gaming experience to users with its wide range, variety of games on board.

Handheld consoles

Unlike the above, handheld consoles are used by users on the move. Because of their size, they are movable and games can be played at any point of time. You don’t have to connect it to a monitor or television to enjoy the game. This makes it a unique experience for the users.



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