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What Professionals Work in a Recording Studio

When we think of jobs, a recording studio is not likely to be the first thing that comes to our mind. Yet, there are so many positions up for grabbing in a recording studio. Career growth is the main aspect that drives every professional. Yet, creative fulfilment is an added bonus for anyone hoping to make a career in a recording studio. A recording studio would consist of following professionals -

  • Studio bookings manager/ studio manager
  • Studio Technician
  • Assistant engineer
  • Recording engineer
  • Mastering engineer
  • Record producer

These are the most common positions available in a recording studio. Of course, any establishment will have the need for cleaner or receptionist as well. Jokes apart, most successful people have degrees from a university of hard knocks. This is no exception for people in the creative business such as recording. Most maestros started their careers with smaller pay and yet, they managed to make it big in the recording studios with sheer determination and hard work. Now, let's take a look at the roles played by these professionals.

First up, the bookings manager though not directly associated with the creativity portion of a studio, he/she enjoys all the perks of working in this field. It's exciting to be associated with a recording studio and even more exciting if it promises handsome pay and perks. People capable of managing skills, are required in this profession. The role of a studio manager is pretty similar to that of a bookings manager, but unlike the former, a studio manager runs the recording studio.

Then there are studio technicians who make up the technical crew of a studio. There are junior as well as senior technicians in a studio. They maintain the equipments required for recording process like microphones, computers, mixers etc. Assistant engineers are interns of a recording studio.Although, the pay is not much to talk about, it is a progressive step towards becoming a recording or master engineer, which is definitely worthwhile. Recording engineers are in charge of recording and mixing while mastering engineers are responsible for post- production creation of a distributable "master" record. Record producers are in charge of supervising the recording process and its management. They have to train the artists and often take care of music too.

Creative establishments have lot of flexibility and it can be fun to be part of it. Professional life in a recording studio, with adequate skills can spell a very promising career.



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