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8 Tips to Hiring a Qualified Voiceover Artist

Marketing and sales endeavours often involve dealing closely with advertisements both on radio channels as well as televisions. Apart from advertisements, voice-over artists dominate the stand up comedian circles, movie trailers, animation industries, game industries and audio books. These were only to name a few. In short, voice-over artists are always in demand.

If you are involved in some kind of advertisement or any of the work fields mentioned earlier, (or not mentioned) you may require the expertise of a voice-over artist. There are some qualities to look for to identify a good voice-over artist. Here are some pointers to help you nudge in the right direction.

  • No matter whatever is the reason for hiring a voice over artist, he / she should have certain qualities in the voice. Persuasive skills, authoritativeness, ability to generate interest and at the same time entertaining are needed too.
  • It is better to hire someone who already has some experience with the kind of work you have in store.
  • Request for an audio sample from the artist. You will have an easier time to keep track of your selects, as well as compare artists at your ease.
  • You musn't make the classic mistake of just listening to one or two samples. Listen to samples of those voice-over artists who have experience in similar work that you are going to offer.
  • When you have listened to some voice-over artists and find an artist who meets the requirement, do check for their references. This will give you a better idea about what kind of artist you are hiring.

Voices have a profound auditory impact on the person hearing the message you want to convey. Hence, choosing the right voice is crucial. Always have more than one interview with the artist. Professional artists can customize their tones according to the requirement, so put their talent to the test.

  • While hiring a voice-over artist look, for the qualities that your target audiences demand. Mostly, audiences find it easier to relate with a voice that sounds closer to them, instead of a polished voice which sounds alien.
  • The web should be your primary target for selecting a voice-over artist. Many artists showcase their talent and also have downloadable demos of their work.
  • Choosing the right voice-over artist is very important since the voice will resonate with your intended audiences. Such a task is no small feat, but it doesn’t have to be tiring either. Hiring the right talent for your purpose will be much easier with the above tips.




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